Friday, July 29, 2011

boring summer?

bringing you some summer fun inspiration! instead of plopping the kiddos in front of the electronic babysitter this weekend, explore some of these creative options.

                          milk carton boats...float in your backyard pool or bathtub! click here.ere

                                           you know i had to include a kids scrapbook kit! click here.

hope these jumpstart some August fun!
get your kids outside and enjoy the last month before school starts.


some direction.

ok everyone...this blog has lacked direction and that is to be no more!

i have a new direction for the Ellarye Boutique blog...


Inspiration for the (tons) of friends I have who also own beautiful shops and businesses.

Inspiration for the mommy who wants to make beautiful things in her free time

Inspiration for anyone and everything who loves beautiful things!

I'll be posting daily with gorgeous pictures, ideas, ways to run a small business (tips) and shop critiques.

I'll be posting daily.

First post will be in a few hours...

Thanks everyone!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On My Shopping List!

SOO many great shops on Etsy! Here are the items I am currently drooling over.

                                               Red Poppy Necklace
                                               Woodland Belle
                                                I would rock this with some ripped jeans and a
                                               plain white t. Adorable!

                                           Joel Dewberry Heirloom Collection 4 yards
                                           Fabulous Fabric
                    I'm obsessed with buying fabric lately...these would
                   make some fab little girl
                    dresses and matching headbands!

                                 Cherry Quartz with Blue Quartz Earrings
                                  The Eclectic Slide
                   I've gotten to know the owner of this shop. I've bought
                    a few things from her,                
                    and shes fabulous. She also has a pet pig
                    named Katie. No joke!!

                                Patchwork Pillow Cover
                                Perfect for that bohemian shabby-chic look I love so much...

                                   Mustard and Grey Headband
                                   Ambrosia..this ones for you!! :) soo cute, right??!!

                                pink and turquoise headband
                                 Ellarye Boutique

                                 ahem ... how did THAT get in here? um ...

What are you favs??

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Ok now about a little storytime for you all. Come into my time machine with me ... back oh...lets say....6 YEARS this same exact day in 2005. So we are at July 12, 2005. A day that will live in infamy for all time! Why?? This day I first met//laid eyes on, my future hubby!
Here is the story! Dont you love a good story?

It was evening ... I was working at Milaegers. For those of you who don't live in Racine Wisconsin...Milaegers is a (very pricey, high-end) flower and gardening store. I was working in their brand-new cafe...the Java Garden. All that summer I helped paint it, set it up, decide what food and drinks to sell and which to was actually kind of fun.

This was a particularly slow evening.I was working with a girl named Becky...who flirted with every guy who came in line of sight. It was always a long night with Becky!

 I remember I had my phone in my apron pocket and I kept checking it because I was supposed to meet Dan Miller at Barnes and Noble after my shift. ((Don't ask me how I remember that!!))

It was finally time for my break. I went over to one of the open tables and got out my phone...I dialed Dan but he didn't answer, so I called my friend Emily Hart and chatted away my 15-minute break. Well in the middle of the conversation, a guy walked in. Not just some guy.
THE guy.

I might take some critisism for this but I still remember what he was wearing the first time I saw him. He was wearing ripped jeans, and a blue zip-up sweatshirt that said "IRELAND" on it. He was tan and he was so, so, so handsome. And his green-blue eyes....they were piercing!
((My memory ...its photographic of this night!)

Now, if you've known me during my highschool//college years, you will know I'm not one of those girls who gets all googly over guys. That was NEVER me. I dated in highschool and college but I wasn't the kind of girl to search out every hot guy and drool over him....I never cared too much. So this was RARE ... very rare. For me to notice a guy because he was so darn hot.

I remember walking back over the counter because he was standing there waiting, and here I was gabbing on my phone like a geek. Becky, my co-worker, was in the back getting something out of the cooler. I hung up on Emily ((sorry Em!)) and asked him in my best sweet voice if I could get him anything.

He looked at me, and said he wanted a caramel mocha with three extra shots of expresso.
I looked at him and said "three?"

I made his drink and handed it to him. As I made his change I told him he must have a long night up ahead because he ordered three shots.  He was about to answer, when Becky sauntered up.

"CHAD!" He looked up at her. OH we go again.

"WHAT are you up too?"
Chad answered ...
"Hey...I'm bringing my mom some dinner."
"Well Chad ... you know we really need to hang out sometime!"
She fluttered her eyelashes at him. I wanted to puke.

"Yeah ... okay, sure." Just as he was about to turn away and go, he looked at me one more time and smiled just a little. Then he turned and walked out the door.

20 seconds later I saw a group of women surrounding one of the windows. What were they looking at? I walked over to check it out. As I got closer and closer I realized.

"OH...MY....GOSH.... is he not the finest thing you've ever seen? He's soo hot!"

"What I wouldn't do to him if I was just a few years younger..."

I laughed at them and walked away...women are SO silly...
the rest of the evening I could not get Chad out of my head.

So when my friend Kelly showed up behind the counter for some water, I vented to her. Becky was on her break so I was free to talk.

"Kelly...this guy was just in here...but Becky just flirts with everyone! ...its so annoying."
Kelly looked at me.
"Wait ... do you mean my son, Chad?"
My cheeks got warm.

"Thats YOUR son?"
"Yeah...he was bringing me dinner. He does all the time.I'm sure you'll see him again."
"Does he have a girlfriend?"
"They just broke up ... you should give him your number!"

2 weeks later I got the opportunity to.
I was at a work party at Joses and who should show up but Chad with some of his friends.
Lets just say, after that night at Joses Chad and I were inseperable. We have been ever since. He is my soulmate, he is my strong provider, he is my best friend.

I'm so thankful on that hot July night he walked into Milaegers and ordered a triple-shot caramel mocha!